It’s Official!

all white outdoor wedding decor

With this first blog post, we can now officially call ourselves members of the blogosphere! Pretty exciting stuff : ) This is where we will pour out our passion for the work we do as event designers. You’ll get a sneak peek into real events we’ve worked on as well as a front row seat to some of the behind the scenes details that lead up to a full blown event production.  But most importantly, we will share useful and timely information with you in order to help you achieve the event of your dreams!

If you’re as crazy about weddings as we are, you’ve come to the right place because a lot of our content will be geared toward weddings.

The image above, our first ever on the blog (still giddy with excitement!), is an all white wedding theme designed by yours truly. We’ll share more photos from this inspirational shoot in our next post.

Okay folks, we made it through our first post! Wherever you are, please raise your glasses and join us as we toast to an exciting, blogging adventure! Now may we be excused? We’ve got some some celebrating to do 😉

Till next time . . . cheers!

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