How to Pull Off a Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

We absolutely love the idea that many brides are now choosing alternate options for their bridal party ensemble rather than the typical uniform look. We really hope this is a trend that is here to stay. Why? Well, first of all, who really has a group of friends that are of the same shape, size or even complexion? Many brides stress over finding a style that flatters all of their bridesmaids and we’ve all seen one too many bridal parties where some of the girls look great in their attire while the rest don’t. . . not fair right?

All your bridesmaids should feel wonderful and confident on your special day. It makes for a boost in morale and a happier atmosphere for all. When everyone feels great, it translates into a more fun wedding and of course better pictures!

Are you interested in a mismatched look for your girls but are afraid of not pulling it off well? Know that it’s really hard to mess things up if you can remember one rule: have at least one constant that ties the look together. The best way to illustrate this is to show you mismatched looks that work and why. Ready?

This coral David’s Bridal mismatched bridesmaids look is an easy one to pull off: same color different styles.

blue and teal bridesmaid dresses
Image source: mywedding

This LulaKate ensemble works even though the colors aren’t exactly the same. Blue (in varying hues) is the unifying element here. Notice that the fabric of the dress in the middle is also different from the other two but it works because all the fabrics have a sheen.

purple bridesmaid dresses

Image credit: KT Merry Photography

This look works because the bridesmaids are wearing varying hues of purple even though some of the dress styles are slightly different.

blue bridesmaid dresses

Image source: Style Me Pretty Image credit: Aaron Snow Photography

Another way to achieve a mismatched bridesmaids look: shoes! But wait: yes the shoes are all different but can you spot the unifying element? They are all peep toe! Hope you’re getting the hang of things by now.

green bridesmaid dresses

Image source: Martha Stewart Weddings Image credit: Victoria Pearson

This is another great example with lots of constant and varying elements. Let’s work our way from head to toe. The hairstyles are different but they all have the side sweep in the front. Next the dresses: same style, but each is a different shade of green. Now the bouquets: varying colors but same shape and size, and same ribbons attached. And lastly, the shoes: completely different but there’s also a constant here. Can you spot it? If your answer is same color and strappy style then it means you’ve really got this down, good job!

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Image credit: A Bryan Photo

And here’s our final look: similar dress styles with three different colors. The softness of the colors pulls everything together. The shoes are all soft  neutral tones as well but in different styles. Did you spot one other constant element  in the whole look? Yup you’re absolutely correct, the bouquets!

Now that we have dissected and analyzed these great examples of the mismatched bridesmaids trend, we’ll leave you to get to work on creating the perfect look for your girls. Did we miss anything? Please feel free to comment, thanks!

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