Ajiri Adores Abisola: SF Bay Area Engagement Session


Happy New Year! We’d like to kick off our first blog post of the year by welcoming Abisola and Michael (Ajiri) to the U & I family! We feel so lucky to be a part of such an exciting time in their lives. We had a hard time picking out engagement photos to share with you because they’re all so stunning! 

Kola Shobo of KSJ Photography, did a fabulous job capturing this classy, stylish couple and their precious love for each other. Love is indeed sweet!

Before we reveal a few of their engagement shots, here’s an excerpt of their cute proposal story as told by the bride-to-be 🙂

” . . . I took a sip of water and looked up briefly; lo and behold Ajiri was by my side on bended knees. I swallowed my water really quick and said “Ajiri what are u doing, get up and lets go” thinking to myself this is not the time to be goofy. I looked around the restaurant, everyone was looking at us, the waiter had a camera, I looked back down at Ajiri professing his love to me. I felt so silly, shocked and SURPRISED. Ajiri asked, “will you grow old with me?” In an attempt to say YESSS!! I started choking seriously, apparently the water I drank pre-surprise went down the wrong pipe. Ajiri looked confused wondering whether the choking was real or not, he quickly grabbed me some water. After about a minute of the mini chaos I said YESSS very loudly to the man I laugh with, live for, dream of and love.”

Awww . . . Congrats you two, can’t wait for the Big Day!

san francisco engagement shoot
San Francisco Bay Area Engagement Session
Bay Area California Engagement Shoot
Fun engagement session
Engaged in San Francisco
East Bay California Engagement
Bay Area California Engagement Photo
Bay Area California Engagement Photography

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