Radiant Orchid: 2014 Trendy Wedding Color

radiant orchid 2014 color of the year

Image credit: Pantone

In case you haven’t heard, the color gurus at Pantone have declared Radiant Orchid to be 2014 color of the year. Pantone defines this color as “a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones” fancy huh?! Well we came up with a mood board that was inspired by radiant orchid . . . and ombre. In an attempt to be just as fancy, we’re naming our board (drum roll please!) Radiant Ombre . . . cheesy? Of course not! we think it’s genus! 😉

In case you’re wondering, ombre is a term used for when colors or tones blend into each other usually graduating from light to dark.

And now, here’s our little Radiant Ombre wedding inspiration board. What are your wedding colors? Is purple part of it?

radiant orchid wedding inspiration

Image Credits

Cake: Maggie Austin Cake

Dress: Designed by Kelly Faetanini, found on Loverly

Hair accessory: Fabfascinator (Etsy shop)

Bouquet: Eight Tree Street Floral Design

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