Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

winter wonderland birthday chalkboard sign

January 18th 2014 was a very special day for two adorable twin boys; it was their first birthday! Their parents wanted  to celebrate this milestone by giving them a winter wonderland themed party right in their Tracy, California home and we had an amazing time helping them make it happen. As guests walked into the living room turned “snow” scene, it was thrilling to see their surprised reactions. The VIP guests – kids who came to celebrate with the birthday boys – were just as ecstatic. Their excitement surged as they wandered into the party room, formerly known as the garage; candid moments like these are one of the things we love most about what we do. The transformed home kept everyone in a happy, playful mood.  The party turned out great and was worth every effort put into planning it.

We hope our photos (be sure to read the captions!) inspire your future celebrations and we’ll be more than happy to assist you when that time comes! 😉

winter wonderland party room transformation

The living room was completely stripped down. Drapery gone, furniture gone, wall art, everything out of the way!


winter wonderland birthday partyroom transformation

Covering the living room walls


winter wonderland hanging sign2



winter wonderland party snow scene

Bye-bye living room, hello snow scene!


blue birthday banner sign

Happy Birthday! woohoo!


winter wonderland birthday party snow scene

Getting ready to take photos with the snowman and props in the box


winter wonderland birthday snow scene

The box was filled with stuffed arctic animals and clothing props – hats, gloves, scarves, boots; let the winter fun begin!


winter wonderland guest sign-in table

Guest sign-in area complete with a wishing tree


winter wonderland wishing tree sign

Guests loved it. Some of the older kids wrote wishes also; too cute!


sparkly wishing tree ribbon curtain

The tree got fuller and fuller 🙂


winter wonderland party

Welcome to the party room!


white_blue winter wonderland birthday party table decorations

Who said little people don’t know how to party? lol


winter birthday party room

The kids loved our snowman centerpieces and couldn’t wait to play with them


winter wonderland birthday snowman centerpiece

Hey Mr. Snowman!


kids birthday dessert bar sign

We had no problem obeying this sign 😉


winter wonderland birthday dessert table

The children couldn’t wait to get to the treats!


winter wonderland birthday dessert bar



winter wonderland birthday cupcake stand

The cupcakes with whipped cream frosting were just perfect


birthday personalized m&ms

Personalized m&m’s? yes please!


winter wonderland party personalized m&ms with label

Those powdered donuts in the background are so perfect for a snow themed party, don’t you think?


winter birthday snowflake cookies

Of course you’ve gotta have snowflake cookies too!


winter wonderland theme snowman cake pops

Snowman cake pops, how cute! These along with the snowman cakes, cookies and cupcakes were made by Martha’s Cakes in Tracy


winter wonderland party_hot chocolate

Warming up with hot chocolate


hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate station


hot chocolate bar sign

Drink, refill, repeat!


winter wonderland party activity

The kids kept busy with some winter themed activities


birthday smash cakes

Smash cakes for the birthday boys!

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