Pinterest Wedding Planning Tips for Brides

pinterest tips by san francisco bay area wedding planner

Hey Brides-to-be!

If you’ve been using Pinterest to organize your wedding ideas, you’ll be pleased to hear this good news: Pinterest recently announced that pinners will now have the ability to create unlimited secret boards, yes! (we’ve been hoping for this; talk about a dream come true!)
When Pinterest first gave a few extra secret boards during last holiday season it was welcome with open arms by pinners all over.  The folks at Pinterest heard about the many ways secret boards were proving useful and decided to shell out an unlimited supply; way-to-go Pinterest!

So brides, you can now privately gather ideas for your wedding without revealing all the gorgeous details, yay!!

A word of caution before you go off pinning:

When it comes to inspiration gathering, things can quickly get overwhelming when you’re bombarded with so much gorgeousness on the Web. Therefore the most important step in using an online inspiration gathering tool is what you do before you log on. If you share the belief that your wedding should reflect who YOU are as a couple, then we recommend that you define your wedding vision before you start pinning away. We even suggest that you write it down somewhere and have it with you when you go online. For example, your wedding vision word list could look something like this:

  • intimate
  • romantic
  • fairytale-like

And don’t forget to add to the list, the things you love or things that hold special meaning to you, for example:

  • intimate
  • romantic
  • fairytale-like
  • poetry
  • we met at Stanford

Be careful not to go overboard with the list. The purpose of making a wedding vision word list is to help you stay focused and keep you from being distracted by details that are not aligned with your vision. There are lots of awesome wedding trends out there but what’s the point of having them in your wedding if they don’t mean anything to you?  Here at U & I, we’re very big on personalization and we really enjoy working with brides who wish to incorporate personal details into their wedding. We’re not fans of cookie cutter weddings and you’re probably not either. After all, you wouldn’t want your wedding looking like someone else’s, right?

So before you go on Pinterest, do a little bit of self-assessment. Your wedding will be much more memorable when you stay true to yourself.

Happy Wedding Planning!


Team U & I

P.s. We too are on Pinterest, stop by sometime and see the things that inspire us!

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