San Francisco Wedding Save-the-Date|Creative Wedding Announcement

All we can say is WOW to the work of Major Diamond Productions in Berkeley California! They did an amazing job on the Epic Wedding Trailer of California couple, Bambo and Janice; we just love the unique way this creative couple chose to announce their wedding date. Hmmm do you smell the beginning of a new trend in wedding save-the-dates?

What we like most is the outside-the-box thinking that went into the creation of this piece and most importantly how the couple’s taste and style were incorporated. (Read more about that on the Vimeo channel of Major Diamond Productions)

This unconventional wedding announcement was a success not only because of the talent of the company behind it but also because it reflects aspects of the couple’s personality. You can never go wrong with staying true to yourself and taking your individuality into account when planning your event.

A hearty congrats to Bambo and Janice; we’re sure their summer wedding will be nothing short of Epic!

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