Safari Inspired Baby Shower in Fremont California

blue brown safari baby shower invitation

“Wee little baby fresh from God’s arms,

You light up the world

with your sweet baby charms.

May God ever bless you

with love and with grace,

and may joy always shine

on your dear little face”

We don’t know the author of this lovely little quote but we think it’s the perfect introduction to the Ezennaya’s baby shower that took place in Fremont CA. The couple’s friends and family planned a beautiful affair in their honor and asked that we provide decor for their safari themed baby shower. They wanted to incorporate animal prints which at first made us a little nervous and here’s why: First, we’d never designed any event that involved animal prints; second, we (and probably you as well) have seen how animal prints can quickly ruin just about anything when not done tastefully. But in the end we  were very relieved and pleased with the final result and most important of all, our clients and the couple were very happy!
Working alongside the hosts of the shower (the beautiful ladies you’ll see in the images that follow), it was easy to see the love they put into every aspect of producing this event for the first-time parents. We are honored to have been a part of this labor of love and we wish the couple all of the blessings and joy that their little prince brings; CONGRATULATIONS!
blue brown safari baby shower cake dessert table
baby shower_ parents to be
baby shower picture frame sign
baby shower mommy to be sign
fremont baby shower_parents to be
baby shower daddy to be sign
baby shower chair decor for parents to be
baby shower sweet heart table decor for parents to be
baby shower party hostess
safari baby shower decor centerpiece
blue brown baby shower decor
blue brown zebra giraffe baby shower dessert table
brown blue animal print baby shower banner
dessert table sign banner
baby shower gifts table
safari baby shower balloon art
dessert bar food sign cake pops
gift table thank you sign banner
dessert table food sign lollipops
blue brown boy baby shower centerpiece decor

P.s. Thanks for helping us conquer our fear of animal prints! 😉

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