Celebrating Amara and Joe’s Wedding Anniversary!

Event planning has got to be one of the happiest occupations. How awesome it is to participate in some of the most joyous occasions in people’s lives! We are always thankful for the opportunity to help create happy memories for our clients. Today we are very thrilled to celebrate Amara and Joe’s first wedding anniversary! The two got married last year on September 28th in Fremont, CA.

As much as we love weddings (seriously we LOVE weddings; it’s borderline ridiculous lol), a happy life-long marriage is our deepest desire for each one of our couples and Amara and Joe are well on their way! We caught up with them to find out how they are doing and asked them to share some insights on what they’ve learned so far in their first year of marriage. Take notes soon-to-weds 😉

According to the Jiroh’s, marriage is sweet when you put God first and put it above all other things. The couple also emphasized the importance of loving unconditionally, trusting, forgiving and respecting each other. They added that their Christian faith plays a significant role in the grooming of their relationship.

fremont california wedding photography

Photo by Francis Fine Art Photography & Video

Those of us here (and possibly you as well) that have been married for a while truly understand that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect marriage; however with a strong sense of commitment and making the nurturing of your relationship a top priority, it can be one of the greatest gifts you’ll ever receive.

It’s with great pride and joy that we utter the following words to Amara and Joe: Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary! May your marriage and home continue to be a source of blessing; and may you find a lifetime of happiness and comfort in each other’s presence. Cheers to many, many more anniversaries!!

san francisco bay area wedding planner


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