Who Are You As a Bride? A Quick Dose of Wedding Planning Advice

bay area wedding_bridal gown and accessories

Photo from a South Bay wedding we designed for our lovely bride, captured by Bay Area wedding photographer: Francis Fine Art Photography

What type of bride are you? Traditional? Modern? Bohemian? The point is, do you know yourself? How many times have you changed your mind about your wedding details? For example, you spot something you like on Pinterest or your Instagram feed and you immediately change your wedding colors or bridesmaids’ dresses. With so much readily accessible bridal inspiration out there, it’s easy to lose focus and become wishy-washy when planning your wedding. Why add to your stress?

No one is saying you’re not allowed to change your mind (especially in the beginning stages of wedding planning); but for the sake of maintaining some sanity, we believe that for some brides, there comes a time when it’s necessary to STOP (lol) browsing wedding ideas. Otherwise you risk producing a muddled, incohesive wedding design that’s all over the place. And no you won’t be able to pass it off as “eclectic” when it’s just plain messy, and yes, a good amount of thought and order goes into creating eclectic looks as well. In fact in some ways, such looks are more challenging to achieve.

Sometimes we find that it’s necessary to dish out some tough love like this to our brides (who always thank us in the end) and we’re sure there are other brides who could use a little pep talk too. But it’s all in good faith. We’re here to help bring you back to center, so to speak 🙂

You may also find our related post about how to stay focused when gathering wedding ideas helpful. Got questions? Ask away in the comments section below or ask us directly.

Happy Wedding Planning!
The U & I Event Design Team.

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