Chinelo + Benjamin’s San Jose California Wedding

engagement-wedding-ring-bay-area-californiaLast summer, Nelo and Benjamin got married at Saint Francis Episcopal Church in San Jose. We provided design and decor services at their wedding reception held at India Community Center, Milpitas. All the way from New York with the help of some very supportive family members and friends living in California, the couple planned a wedding infused with their Nigerian-Igbo heritage. We are beyond excited to share images from their special day in this blog post. Continue reading

Pink & Gold Royal Theme Kids Birthday Party


baby pink princess royal birthday cake_dessert table

Looking for ideas for an ultra girly princess party? Well we hope you find inspiration in this baby pink and gold royal birthday decor we put together last fall! Creating the right ambiance with decor makes a world of difference in the overall experience guests will have at your event. This party brought out the “royal behavior” in everyone – and we’re not just talking about the kids! Continue reading

Outdoor Shabby Chic Kids’ Birthday at Quarry Lakes, Fremont California

kids shabby chic birthday fremont california park

As we put together this blog entry, it’s about 75 degrees outside . . . in November! What perfect weather to share ideas for an outdoor shabby chic themed kids party! The images we’re about to present hold great memories of the fun we had plus the gorgeous views and clear skies we enjoyed this summer at Quarry Lakes, Fremont, California. They are photos of  Ihino‘s daughter’s birthday party. So, those of you with summer babies: get ready to be inspired and let the party planning begin! Oh trust us, it’s never too early to start when you care about details and personalization. Continue reading